3 Counties Ch show

Friday 5th of June was the Pastoral day at 3 Counties Championship Show 2015. Unlike most Champ shows were Working and Pastoral groups are paired together, at this particular show this year, the Pastoral Group was paired with the Utility Group with breeds like the Akita, the Dalmatian and the Poodles. Our results for the day under breed judge Mr Richard Kinsey were:

Res Best Dog- Asterel Deeago
Res Best Bitch- Asterel Xquita
Best Puppy- Asterel Kat Colorado
2nd Post Graduate Dog- Asterel Innuendo
3rd Open Dog- Asterel Belmonte
2nd Puppy Bitch- Asterel Tuppence (Co-owned by Carol Ogborn and Rosemary Titman)
3rd Puppy Bitch- Asterel Belle Starr at Garregddu (Owned by Tracey and Rebecca Roberts)
2nd Open Bitch- Drika Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp Port)