The Show Team

Asterel have, over the years, been responsible for many awards, notably:

  • The first owner-bred dog to win Top Dog of the Year,this has been repeated by Asterel many times since
  • The first Estrela ever to gain a first prize at Crufts,with Asterel Parsley, when the breed was in AVNSC classes
  • The first dog to win Best of Breed at Crufts ,after gaining breed classes in 1991 with Asterel Parsley
  • The first Estrela to gain a Group placing WKC 1995, and again at Birminghan National in 2009
  • The first Estrela to win Top Rare Breed Bitch in the UK (1998)
  • Top Rare Breed Stud Dog 1999,with Asterel Parsley,and again in 2011 with his G Grandson Asterel Sir Launcelot AN Ch 09.
  • The Top Pastoral Breeder in UK 2011 and 2nd over all breeds !!!!!
  • Top Rare Breed Brood Bitch 1999,with Asterel Ariel
  • The first Estrela to win Rare Breed Stakes overall at Championship level,now done several times.
  • The first Estrela kennel to take part in the Breeders Group Finals at Crufts
  • The first kennel to breed a top winning puppy of ALL breeds, Asterel Gandalf 2008
  • The Top Breeder in the KC Breeder Competition not only for the breed, but the Pastoral Group too.
  • Home of two breed record holders,Asterel Parsley and now Asterel Sir Launcelot AN CH

Members of the team

Fernando BOB Crufts 2013        Asterel Fernando
10589948_889346541093517_533376846_n        Asterel Innuendo
1937979_889443401083831_1927111496_n         Asterel Dexter
P9300440         Asterel Deeago
1240099_10151893547796215_1952457240_n[1]         Asterel Belmonte
asterel_red_rum        Asterel Red Rum
 Drika BOB WKC 2014_copy       Drika Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp)
 xuva      Xuva Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp)
10592452_889442964417208_1749016417_n       Asterel Loura