2014 achievements

Well what a year! Even though puppy commitments meant that we have had limited outings, the Asterel gang have still managed to earn the awards of:
#2 rare breed puppy in the pastoral group and #2 overall in the pastoral group (Asterel Xudavnown).
Top pastoral rare breeds breeder and #2 breeder in the pastoral group.
Top Estrela brood bitch. (Asterel Laura)
Top Estrela stud dog and joint #2 rare breeds stud dog. (Asterel Sir Launcelot)
Breeders of top Estrela 2014

Drika Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp)- x4 BOBs, x7 BBs.
Asterel Xudavnown – x2 BOBs, 3 BDs.
Asterel Bohemian Rhapsody – x2 BBs.
Asterel Belmonte – x2 BDs.
Xuva Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp) – x2 BBs.

Well done gang!